Happy Anniversary at Play/Time

October 13, 2013
The Belfry Stage in North Hollywood, CA  
Produced by Theatre Unleashed as a part of Play/Time

Erin Scott – Director & Stage Manager

Kyle Fox as Shadow
Maria Hinojos as Shadow
Corey Lynn Howe as Shadow
Heather Lake as Shadow
Chris Loop as Shadow
Jim Martyka as Kevin/M-Pulse
Mandy Muenzer as Stephanie
Dane Ouradnik as MegaHex

Tattered Capes started at Theatre Unleashed in 2013 as part of a weekly theatrical event called Play/Time. Each week for six weeks, a group of six writers would be given a prompt, and have a week to write and turn in a new scene. One week, the writers were given the them of super heroes. Inspired, Greg cranked out a scene in an afternoon, having no idea what this story would eventually evolve into. 

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