The Anniversary Issue at Short+Sweet Hollywood

September, 2016
The Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood, CA
Produced by Theatre Unleashed as a part of the inaugural Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival

Gregory Crafts – Director

Graydon Schlichter as M-Pulse, the Eminence of Electromagnetism
Denise Nicholson as Stephanie Connolly
Josef Knauber as MegaHex, Lord of the Undead
Mark Lopez and Seth Thygesen as MegaHex’s henchmen.

It took almost three years for the script to be performed again, but when Greg was invited to produce a 10-minute play to the inaugural Short+Sweet Festival in Hollywood, he knew exactly what to bring. Renaming the show The Anniversary Issue, Greg took the opportunity to direct the show himself, and in taking the time to rediscover the material, he realized that there was a lot more of this story to tell.